Water appeals

Appeal reference Date received Appellant(s) Development Location Planning authority reference Planning authority Decision Decision date
2022/W0001 22 June 2022 Products, Natural World Article 12(1) of the Water (NI) Order 1999 alleged contravention of the conditions of the discharge consent (Consent No 11709/13_1) held in respect of a discharge of effluent. Drumanakelly Landfill Site, Demesne Road, Seaforde, BT24 8NS CN11709/13_1TC122/13 Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Planning dept.
2021/W0004 9 February 2022 McFarland, Derrick & Raymond Due to our address being in an elevated position, our property has no freely running mains water supply. Our nearest mains pipe is approx. 1 mile away on the lower lying Fecarry road, due to this lower lying position regardless of what pressure NI Water boost the flow of water it will only be forced / pressured half the distance required to reach our property. As a result, we have had to fit, and maintain our own private pump to enable us to have fresh, clean drinking water. This pumps costs a considerable amount of money to run and maintain annually, with the soaring energy prices this cost will rise further. May I reiterate, that without our own private pump fitted we would have no direct water to our house. During meetings with NI Water representatives, Mr O’Hagan and 2 other NI Water representatives could only offer a pallet of bottled water as a solution. How is this adequate to facilitate any family never mind a family with young children who have health issues? NI Water have failed to explain to me how cloths and personal hygiene can be maintained with the provision of bottled water. This has been ongoing issue for years with no sustainable water supply and in severe winters our pump has been off for up to 4 weeks due to the cold temperatures. We have always paid our Rates on time and feel that we’re being discriminated against as everyone else in our locality has mains water direct to their house without needing a pump. To add insult to injury, NI Water produced an estimated bill to provide a water main direct to our property showing it would cost £70,000 to carry out this work to which we would be liable for the entire cost. What family could possibly afford to pay this amount of money? I find it difficult to understand that in 2022 that we are in such a compromised position by requiring to have our own private pump to facilitate drinking water to our premises. We find it demeaning that the best NI Water could do was offer bottled water to assist us. 11 Craighill Road Omagh BT79 7PD P08853637 Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Planning dept. Appeal Invalid 11 October 2022